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Hello :)

This is my blog, where I post updates on my various projects of all kinds and generally ramble. As far as I know, I'm the only Dejana in fandom. If you've run into a Dejana anywhere online since 1996, that was probably me. (Please do say hi if you know me from some old website of yore!)

If you're trying to get a fast message to me that's not directly related to any of my recent entries, you can comment on this post. Anonymous commenting is enabled. Likewise, if you're friending me and want to tell me who you are so I can friend you back, this is the post to shout from. Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back right away. I just like to get to know people a bit first. Almost all of my entries are public anyway.

If you're looking for stuff specifically related to, check dotmoon. I post all .moon announcements there.

ETA 1/2/09: I made a friends cut and removed a lot of idle journals. If you're coming back from a long absence and find I've defriended you, I'd be happy to add you back, just let me know. :)

ETA 5/10/10: I'm not as active in online fandom as I used to be. I'm still here now and then, add me if you like, but there won't be many posts. If you know me (and I mean really know me), you can ask me for my Facebook info.
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Pixelated Me

A Detour in your new life.

2010: The Summer of Awesome, or Why I'm Not Here Anymore

Reports of my death have been exaggerated, although perhaps not greatly. This is a disgustingly belated post, but the fact of the matter is I'm just that damn busy (when I'm not just that damn lazy). Life these days is both extremely stressful and the most unbelievably amazing thing ever. I still don't really know exactly how I got here. What it boils down to is that I've done that most dreaded and reviled thing in all of internet fandom, that which I swore I'd never do: I've gotten a Real Life.

Granted, it's a Real Life of the "offline fandom" variety and not the "career and marriage" variety, but it's a Real Life nonetheless, at least in the sense that it consumes all the time that used to be devoted to internet fandom. That part sucks. It really does. I still have goals in online fandom that I am determined to accomplish. I want to reboot .moon. I want to write some more fics and make some more vids. I'm still plugging away at these things bit by bit, but on the whole, Facebook is pretty much all the online interaction I have time for these days.

I'm still around, off and on. When there's product, it'll go here. But I don't have the time or dedication to regularly write up LJ posts anymore, or to read my flist like I used to. (From the look of things, though, a lot of people have faded out over the past year.)

That's the short of it. Read on if you want the details on how my life got flipped, turned upside down... erhm, yeah.

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On a side note, for anyone concerned who doesn't already know, I'll be at Anime North again this year. It may be my last trip, since it keeps landing at a bad point in my work schedule, but I'll make it there at least one more time.
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As In Autumn

Anime Detour 2010

Short report this time, because I spent most of the weekend running a room party and didn't set foot outside my hotel room for 8 hours straight both nights. I'm glad I did it, I've wanted to host a Sailor Moon party for ages, but if I'm going to do it again I need more help and shorter hours. @_@

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The con, however, went well on the whole. And I think... I've decided to be back on staff officially next year. The year off did some good, and a lot of the stuff that had been bothering me personally doesn't matter as much anymore. I like being part of Detour. If I can balance everything I want to do, I'm gonna do it. ^_^
As In Autumn

Running around like a clown on purpose.

This overdue post of musings is finally brought to you by the three-hour wait for my flight to California (DISNEYLAND OMG YAY).

It's been said (occasionally by myself as well) that for those who hope to eventually become published authors, fanfic is like writing with training wheels. Now that I've been putting more effort into original work, I've come to feel fanfic is more like driving a go-cart. You get the basic experience of driving in the relatively safe and simple environment of a closed track, a predefined loop that never changes. You could jump the rails if you really wanted to, but if you tried to take it out on the interstate you'd be in trouble.

When I first got my driver's license, I found my grasp of the city I'd lived in all my life was not as solid as I thought. I had no idea what the quickest route from A to B was. For a while, I subconsciously stuck to the bus routes because those were the directions I knew. It took time and practice before I learned where all those less-traveled roads go. As I've been working on original fiction, I've often felt like I'm wandering an abyss. There's so much more to be explored and decided on, a whole wide world without limits to travel. The closed environments I'm used to have become a bit of an obstacle. I have to remind myself that I'm not driving someone else's car on someone else's path anymore. I have to worry about oil changes, and fuel prices, and whether that "Bridge Out" sign I just passed was something I should've paid attention to. It's a different experience than I was expecting.

This isn't meant to degrade fanfic authors in any way, btw. I haven't jumped ship completely; getting a car hasn't stopped me from hopping into a go-cart once in a while. It's fun going fast, and racing your friends, and if you crash it's unlikely you'll be scarred for life. But in the end, you're on a defined track on someone else's property. There's a big, complex, wide-open world outside the amusement park, and it's a much bigger leap to go from a go-cart to a real car than to take off training wheels.
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Something's Wrong

Could you wave goodbye to sun, the sea, the stars, the waves, the tide?

My fic for yuletide. I considered adding the original ending I didn't have time to write before the deadline, but in the end I got lazy. :P My recipient was happy with this version; that's good enough for me. :)

Title: A Tale of Two Suitors
Fandom: Futurama
Characters: Fry, Leela, Zapp
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Setting: Post-canon, a few months after Into the Wild Green Yonder

Summary: Fry decides to propose to Leela, but when his best-laid plans go astray and Zapp Brannigan stumbles back into their lives, he'll be lucky enough to get another moment alone with her. Written for lozlan in the yuletide exchange.

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Jetto Ninjin!

The rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain.

A general FYI to whoever, I've finished my training period in my new job and am working my 2 PM - 2 AM shift now. It's going well so far, I really like it. I still have a lot to learn - there's a lot more than I expected that's completely new to me - but in the long run I think it'll be a good fit for me. :) Anyway, the point is, I'm now working the same hours all the time, so if you're ever trying to get ahold of me you can be reasonably sure I'll be awake the same hours every day - noon to 3 AM. Please no texts before noon. T_T Unless it's an emergency, of course.


NaNoWriMo's only a few days away! I'm looking forward to it, but I've been having a terrible time trying to outline my plot. We'll see what happens. It looks like I'll be doing a lot more of the traditional "start typing and see where it takes you" thing, which may prove to be interesting.

On an even more fun note, in 12 hours shel_b_129 will be boarding a plane to my state! :D I am practically bursting with excitement. We have a whole week of fun stuff ahead of us, including a few write-ins. Yay for Wrimo friends! :D

So, I've been absent for a month again, because with training and all I've been pretty busy, but things have been going well. How is everyone? :)
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